Portsmouth Advanced Motorists

Affiliated to the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists)

Registered Charity No. 1060113


I have received my pack from the Instute in London what do I do next?

Telephone the Secretary (Ken Avery 023 9226 2653) he will make all the arrangements necessary for you to be allocated an Observer who will go out with you and get you up to Test Standard.

I have purchased the Skill for Life Package, do I have to pay any more to the local Group?

No you do not, inclusive of the above package is a years membership of the Portsmouth Group, we will give you all the help and guidance to get you up to test standard, we also have a social side where we have different speakers come along to talk to our members.

I think I am a good driver, how many runs do I need to get me up to Advanced Driver Standards?

This is why we have a Observer Scheme, your Observer will go out with you and when you are ready he/she will tell you so.

I have a old car will this affect my ability to take the Advanced driving Test?

No it will not, it is the Driver that is being tested not the car.

I have a very modern car, with electronic hand brake, fully automatic, and many bells and whistles. Will this give me any advantage in taking the advanced driving test?

Whilst a modern car may well give you a smooth drive, again it is the Driver that is being examined not the car. The more bells and whistles you have on your car, the more skill you will need to get the best out of it.

I am in a hurry and want to pass my test as quickly as possible with the Group, can this be done?

We are happy to move as fast as you wish if you're up to standard, when you join the group things can move very fast, but if your not ready for the test it is all down to you spending time preparing and learning how to do it properly.

I am a very busy person, and time is short. Finding 1 hour to go out for a Observed Drive will be difficult.

If you want to be an Advanced Motorist then you will have to find the time, you could if you wish, not take advantage of help from the Group and just put in for the Advanced Driving Test. Your chances of passing will be around 55%. We are here to help get you up to Test Standard and our results over many years is the proof. Why do it the hard way when going out with an Observer is so much more easy.

I am a woman and would rather have a Woman as my Observer.

No problem, we have woman Observers.

Can I get a local Observer to save me travelling to far?

Yes you can, we try to place all our Associates as close as possible to our Observers so to avoid unecessary travelling.