Portsmouth Advanced Motorists

Affiliated to the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists)

Registered Charity No. 1060113

Who We Are

We are the Portsmouth Advanced Motorists (PAM); we are one of many dedicated Groups based all over the country, with the prime aim of promoting Road Safety, and preparing our members for the Advanced Driving Test. We are a registered charity and as such further details can be found on the Charity website to see who our Charity Trustees are.

Whilst named the Portsmouth Group, the area that we cover is between Chichester to the East, Southampton to the West, and Guilford to the North. These areas also have their own Groups, so selecting a Group closest to your home address should be no problem.

All the help & guidance we give to our Associates is on a one to one basis, and subject to the availability of both the Observer & Associate, we can usually fit in to most members schedules.

All of the Group Committee & Observers give their time freely, but we have a small subscription fee of £10.00 per year for our Full Members, it is this fee that keeps the Group afloat and enables us to provide the service of preparing our members up to test standard, and continuing the work of Road Safety in our area.

We have General Meetings every two months where we have invited guest speakers, presentations of certificates, and any other interesting items that the members wish to have.

All members and their guests are welcome to attend these meetings and get to meet other like-minded persons and a chance to meet the Group Committee.

All information about any Group activities will be sent to all members via their own email address, and further information can also be found on our own website.

Meet the Committee